Meet our Team



Jimmy Brewer 10 yrs old (20/02/07) 35kg 0 bout won 0
Bobby Graham 11 yrs old (24/08/05) 42kg 1 bout won 1
Jack Higgins-Burnett 12 yrs old (15/04/04) 34kg 5 bouts won 1
Harvey Newton 12 yrs old (26/03/04) 38kg 2 bout won 0
Tommy Gun Maggs 13 yrs old (27/01/04) 57Kg 8 bouts won 6
Joe Taylor 13 yrs old (13/01/04) 55kg 1 bout won 0
Luke Graham 13 yrs old (15/12/03) 65kg 1 bouts won 0
Sam Nuttall 16 yrs old (19/01/01) 49kg 23 bouts won 10


Harry Maggs 17 yrs old (22/09/99) 60kg 13 bouts won 6
Lucy Ward (female) 19 yrs old 54kg 0 bouts won 0
Michael Brown 23 yrs old 80Kg 21 bouts  won 8
Kieran  Hughes 25 yrs old 70Kg 32 bouts won 18
Steve  Cooper  25 yrs old 86 Kg 6 bouts  won 5
Mike Binstead   27 yrs old 78 Kg  33 bouts won 14
Dave Berry 30 yrs old 70kg 16 bouts won 11
Adam Lodge 30 yrs old 65kg 14 bouts won 6


 Louis Stamp was with the Club as a schoolboy, and returned  in 1978 in a coaching well as looking after the Club's various Projects.  He has served on many committees throughout the Southern Counties. Lou is a Level 2 Coach and Supervisor and is on  England's Boxing Officials  Major Judging Panel. .

Ken Charman Has filled every role within the Club and indeed the Southern Counties ABA since joining us in the 1972 and is the Club's Main Fundraiser, Coordinator  and PR Officer, as well as being our Secretary And Treasurer. Ken is simply Our Leader, The Main Man, and The Man that keeps  the Club on even keel.

Tim Henderson boxed for the Club for many years, he returned after gaining his coaching qualifications, bringing much needed  stability to the coaching staff whilst introducing new ideas and training schedules,  and Tim is now  the Club's Head Coach And Matchmaker

Matt Castleton, Enjoyed a very long and successful boxing career for the Club. winning many honours,during his years as Southern Counties Lightweight and Lightwelterweight Champion. Matt is a Level 2 coach, he is a Boxing Official, and an M/C, and he is also the Club's Corporate Manager.

Frank Cooper boxed successfully for the Club for many years, before becoming a coach, he is now a level 2 Coach, and is responsible for overseeing the Senior section of boxers, Frank through his business,  is also  one of the Club's Highly valued  Sponsors

Micky Norford, joined us after retiring from the Navy, where he enjoyed a very long and successful career both as an Officer and a Boxer. Mick is Level 2 Coach, Class "A" Referee. Micky has recently been appointed to the England Boxing Board of Directors.

Jason Moore spent his long and successful boxing career locally whilst boxing for the Fareham Club, Jason  is a Level 2 Coach  and brings  his vast experience along with many other fine attributes to the Club.

James Norris is a Level 2 Coach who boxed for the Club for several seasons before taking up his coaching role. James is also a qualified fitness instructor and runs the "Boxfit" classes.

Brad Phillips joined the Club about 5 years ago, Brad Is an ex Armed Forces fitness instructor and a Level 2  Boxing Coach, and amongst his other duties, has also recently taken on the very important role of the Club's Welfare Officer.

Mike Binstead is a Level 2 coach who's boxed for Titchfield for the last 12 years and is still actively boxing as well as coaching.